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Learning with Empowerment International is fun!

Dorian, ten-year-old, is in the fifth grade and attends the local neighborhood public school. In his free time, he likes to play with his three dogs and play basketball. When he grows up he wants to be a great basketball player. His mother works in a sewing workshop. Together, they live with Dorian's grandmother, who takes care of him when his mother is working.

Empowerment International has been closely supporting Dorian for the past four years and last year, a donor began the child sponsorship journey with Dorian—thanks John Carter! Dorian not only excels academically, but also actively participates in extracurricular classes offered by the organization.

Since he has participated in Empowerment International’s programs, Dorian has learned additional knowledge that isn’t taught in school such as English class–which is his favorite. Dorian describes the class as fun because with his friends they play A LOT of games while learning new vocabulary. In December, Empowerment International’s partner organization in Nicaragua ADENIC hosted an English Festival and there Dorian told us that he was able to see and understand the vocabulary he learned during class. That excitement continues to motivate him as grows in his understanding of the English language.

Dorian also participates in swimming lessons, another extracurricular activity offered by Empowerment International, and proudly shared:

“I learned to swim and now I can enjoy the sea, the beach, the river or wherever my mom takes me if there is water”.

We are proud of Dorian for what he has learned and are excited for what he will accomplish in the future.


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