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“Invest in the new school year”

January kicks off the new year and the new school year starts soon for students in Nicaragua. A new year is a fresh start, a new beginning, and like all beginnings there is joy and excitement about new possibilities. Our students are already showing their excitement for a new school year. But, before the school year starts, families and teachers have to prepare. Classrooms need to be set up, parents need to enroll their child and purchase the needed materials such as uniforms and school supplies.

Unfortunately, Nicaragua’s poverty has risen over the last four years due to national and global issues. Preparing for the new school year for parents is a distressing task due to the high prices of school supplies and the lack of access to jobs.

Empowerment International’s Child Sponsorship Program partners with families and provides specific benefits, one of the benefits is helping with tuition. This partnership with families provides children and youth with the opportunity to go to school and therefore a hope for a NEW future.

Currently, there are 310 students enrolled in EI’s Child Sponsorship Program and 81 students are in need of a sponsor. The cost to become a sponsor varies according to school levels:

Primary School Students: $360/year or $30/month.

Secondary School Students: $600/year or $50/month.

University Students: $1320/year or $110/month.

Will you invest in a student this school year by becoming their sponsor?

Your investment as a sponsor invites you to be a mentor and role model for a student in Nicaragua. Click here👇 to learn more about the program and which student is in need of sponsoring.



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