Changing the world, one child at a time.

Intentional Holistic Education 

Our community-based educational program for poor children and their families in three extremely impoverished communities in Granada, Nicaragua takes a holistic approach to break generational poverty.  Weekly home visits are an integral component where parents are encouraged to send their children to school and are mentored on how to support and enhance their children’s education, regardless of their own education level.


Peer-led supplementary tutoring is offered after school to the younger students and let by our high school and university students. Leadership skills are developed by using real-life situations while they lead various projects, share their own talents with students, and tutor the younger girls and boys.

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Mandatory, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, tuition (secondary school and university), transportation for rural high school students and university students, healthcare for our children and their families, parenting programs (how to be more effective and supportive parents),home-visits, enrichment activities, and counseling both individually and in groups.


Since 2009 EI has achieved a school retention rate of over 96% within the program participants from the two communities we work.   Since 2012, over 87% of all school-age children are now in school in EI’s first community, up from 55% in 2003!



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