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From Student to Teacher

Mareling began her journey with Empowerment International in 2009 when her mother visited the organization so that her then five-year-old daughter could receive support to begin her studies. After meeting all the requirements and applying, her mother waited patiently for a phone call. Finally, she received news that her daughter had been selected. This was just the beginning of a new life for Mareling.

Mareling completed her primary and secondary studies (high school) and was part of the academic excellence in her school as a result of her good grades. Empowerment International was there with her every step of the way, helping out with difficulties that came her way, even if they were not academic. During her secondary studies, she remembers attending English classes at an academy in the city and taking art classes from a program with Casa de Los Tres Mundos. She always admired the teachers who were part of her journey and felt a growing passion for teaching. When it came time to decide what career to study, she didn't hesitate for a second and firmly chose a degree in elementary education.

"I'm sure I chose the best career because schools will always exist”, she says.

Last year, she successfully completed her first year of college and tells us that “it was a wonderful experience because the teachers inspired us to continue and were always available to us”. Her desire to become a teacher encouraged her to become a tutor for the remedial classes taught by Empowerment International. She is now in charge of Spanish tutoring classes.

“I like the tutoring program because I can develop communication skills, learn to listen to the students, be able to support each student according to the skills that characterize him/her, and thus make the most of it. Being a tutor makes me go beyond, it invites me to innovate, plan classes and look for other methodologies and creative strategies for the children”.

We are proud of Mareling and how she has excelled as a tutor and how she plans to mentor young women as well. Before the end of last year, Mareling completed the “I Empower Myself” workshops that discuss health, sex education, and self-esteem. Due to her outstanding participation, she will be a mentor for the new young women who will be attending the workshops.


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