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Going the extra mile!

Ian comes from a small family by Nicaraguan standards, consisting of his parents and two older brothers. He is the first member of his family to go to university. When he was starting high school, his mother visited the organization in order to request support for him, her youngest child, since her husband's odd jobs as an electrician could not cover the costs for all their children to participate in school.

Ian helping out in the education center.
Ian helping out in the education center.

Ian was welcomed by EI, and after a few months, he had a sponsor. He would come daily to the activity center to do his homework. Before finishing high school, he received vocational orientation workshops which helped him to decide what he would like to study after graduation.

"I decided I wanted to study law because I consider myself a fair person and I like to help people who are going through challenging situations. So I could see myself as a lawyer who could help people find solutions to their legal problems.

While he is excelling in law school, he also has a talent for math. When not in school, Ian is at the Education and Activity Center supporting our math

classes for primary school children.

In 2020 he decided to join our mountain bike club and has been consistent with his riding ever since, training 4 days a week. On Sundays, he rides with the group on longer routes to prepare for national competitions. He has participated in 12 recreational challenges and won third place in a 37 km race held in August of 2021.

"Being in cycling has taught me to work in a team, to be punctual, disciplined, and above all to push my limits. And I have learned that constant and consistent effort pays in victories”, declares Ian. “Through these activities, I have learned to get closer to people such as the staff and other students in the organization.”



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