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“I Empower Myself Project”

In collaboration with Teen Smart International, together we are implementing the third phase of the project Yo me empodero (I Empower Myself). In 2022, our aim is to educate 150 teenage girls on issues of sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, and equip them to become leaders.

The project commenced in October 2021 and to date, 100 teen girls have successfully graduated. Currently, another 50 just enrolled in the course. Through this project, participants are given access to technology (cell phones) with which they utilize an educational platform created by TeenSmart. This online free resource informs, educates, and provides the participants with the ability to learn and develop life skills while also encouraging them to reduce risky behaviors. Following the completion of registration, participants begin the course Conoce Tu Salud, ‘know your health’, where they are asked to complete an interactive questionnaire that helps the platform identify risk factors.

We have seen tremendous responses from this project. Lilian, 18-years-old, told us in November what she learned.

“As young girls it is important to have information about sexually transmitted diseases and how to use the correct protection to avoid them. I understand the decision about my body and life is mine, if I say no it means no, and this answer should not be influenced by anyone. Abuse is something that is a very common phenomenon. I know now that when we are in this situation we need to seek support from other people because our life is at risk. “

Unfortunately, abuse and STDs are real and occur often in this world. Through this project, we are seeing women informed, educated, and given access to resources that will empower them to make the best decisions for their bodies and lives. Let’s empower more young women with knowledge about their health.

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