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Starting 2024 on the right foot with Soccer program

Soccer is one of the many holistic program activities we offer our students. Sponsored by the Real Madrid Foundation, its objective is to develop physical skills and establish and strengthen fundamental values such as teamwork, discipline, resilience, and respect. These values translate directly into maintaining their education, providing valuable life lessons that will be fundamental in their personal growth. This program allows students to get to know themselves and become friendlier with others who practice the same sport.

Currently, we have 85 student participants who started on January 8. Our goal is to allow each participant to experience a tournament, fostering motivation and developing essential skills such as persistence and effective time management—skills that are transferable to academics.

Long-time participant Ian Daniel, currently a law student, serves as the second-in-charge of the educational soccer program. As an assistant coach, Ian oversees the group, leads warm-ups for the children and teenagers, and mentors program participants. Ian shares the values and leadership skills he has acquired from his experiences in other program actives, such as cycling.

The main aspects that are worked on in each of the practices are the following:

Technical skills. Improve individual skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control.

Game Tactics. Learning and practicing tactical strategies, positions on the field, and coordinated movements.

Physical Conditioning. Training to improve players' endurance, speed, strength, and agility.

Teamwork. Encouragement of effective communication, respect, companionship, equality,  understanding between teammates, and team cohesion.

We invite you to open the following link and make your donation to contribute to the growth of our programs. Every contribution counts and helps us to continue advancing our mission, thank you for your support!


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