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500 years of enchantment!

In 1524, in the heart of Central America, a jewel that has endured throughout the centuries was born. Granada, a city steeped in history, beauty, and charm, was founded between Xalteva and Lake Cocibolca, or Great Lake Nicaragua, by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, becoming one of the oldest colonial settlements in Central America.

Now, 500 years later, the city proudly celebrates its fifth centennial. Its rich cultural and architectural influence has made it a premier tourist destination and a candidate as a Unesco World Heritage site. 

Granada, with its cobblestone streets and well-preserved colonial buildings, is a living testament to the rich Spanish heritage in Latin America. 

Besides its status as an open-air museum, Granada is a vibrant and lively city boasting gastronomy that cannot be overlooked. Authentic flavors like Vigorón, accompanied by a fresco de grama or chicha, offer a unique explosion of taste exclusive to Granada.

The city's beauty unfolds along the famous Calle Real Xalteva, where the Fortaleza La Pólvora stands with its four towers, built in 1748 as a supply of gunpowder for the fortress El Castillo. Alongside, adobe walls retain the history of Granada's defense, including remnants of a cannon used as a prison during the dictatorship of Somoza.

Further down Real Xalteva Street the Municipal Cemetery, founded in 1830 and declared a Historical and Artistic Heritage of the Nation in 2012. The cemetery is revered as an open-air museum due to the beauty of its mausoleums and sculptures.

Continuing the journey, one reaches the urban complex of Xalteva, housing the park, the Church of the Assumption, and Park and Plaza. This area once hosted "Los Tepetate," an indigenous population settled by the Spaniards on the shores of Lake Cocibolca.

To the east the Church of La Merced, whose tower was damaged in the Civil War. From here, visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of the city.

With great joy, we commemorate 500 years of history marked by unwavering struggle, deep love, and unparalleled courage and resilience. 


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