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Getting ready to shine!

The return of tutoring has marked the beginning of a new stage full of enthusiastic students! We are delighted to see them happily arriving at our activity center, eager to learn.  Currently, we have an attendance of 90% of students needing after-school reinforcement in Mathematics and Language & Literature for both primary and secondary school students.

These after-school tutorials are indispensable in educating our at-risk students and providing them with the necessary tools to strengthen the concepts learned in the classroom. We are pleased to have the support of our university student volunteers, who are trained to offer high-quality, personalized classes.

EI students receive targeted assistance by reinforcing key concepts and overcoming academic difficulties. This additional support boosts their academic performance and strengthens their confidence and motivation to achieve their educational goals.

The university volunteers are committed to providing this valuable resource to the younger students. Having been younger beneficiaries at one time, they firmly believe in the value of this program and are proud to help their younger peers achieve academic success and growth.

In addition, we are pleased to offer a special, personalized group for those children who face greater challenges in their learning process. Under the expert guidance of Professor Ismael, who has a degree in Language and Literature and specializes in Neuropedagogy, these classes are designed to provide comprehensive support tailored to each child's individual needs.

Over the years, we have witnessed significant advances in our students' academic and personal development in this program. 

A poignant example that illustrates the importance of our personalized program is the case of Fransheska, an 11-year-old girl facing serious learning difficulties. Fransheska struggled with reading and writing and showed little interest in her studies. However, thanks to the support and dedication of our team, today, Fransheska has managed to overcome these obstacles.

With a program tailored to her needs and under the attentive guidance of our professionals, Fransheska has made remarkable progress. She can now read and write fluently, and her enthusiasm for learning is more evident than ever. She has discovered a new passion for completing her schoolwork and feels more confident and motivated in the classroom.

Fransheska's case is an inspiring testimony of how the right, personalized support can transform a student's life. It fills us with joy to see her growth and success and inspires us to continue providing the best care and attention to every child who enters our program. With a student-centered approach and an unwavering commitment to their success, we are confident that we can help each child reach their full potential.

We firmly believe that education is one of the most powerful tools for transforming the world and breaking the cycle of generational poverty. While this change takes time and effort, we have strong evidence that the poverty entrenched in previous generations can vanish when children complete their educational journey. As our students graduate from technical colleges, trade schools, and universities, they secure employment and demonstrate resilience even in times of economic downturn. These alumni will not need to turn to our program for their children, as they now have the resources to send them to school and fully understand the transformative power of education.

Join us in this exciting success story and make a difference today! Support our programs and help change lives. We want to invite you to click on the following link to make your donation.


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