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A promising future

Maria Aracely has been a fundamental presence in our program for an outstanding 18 years, beginning her participation at the early age of 8, when she was in the third grade of elementary school. Her connection with our organization was established through a visit from the program director to her home. At the time, her family was going through difficult times. Her mother sold fish at the local market in Granada, while her father worked as a waiter in a hotel, yet money was scarce.

They eagerly accepted the opportunity to join the EI mentoring program, knowing that it would benefit Aracely and them as parents. Throughout her primary education, Aracely actively participated in tutoring classes. Her dedication was evident as she attended the center daily to receive help with her homework and learn to read. Upon entering high school, she returned that support by becoming a peer tutor, sharing her knowledge with younger students. Aracely shares with us that her life took on special meaning when she was able to help children through tutoring.

Referring to her experience as a tutor, she says, "I learned more from the children than they learned from me. Their innocence and their ability to absorb knowledge at their own pace is an experience that fills me with joy and satisfaction. Knowing that I shared some knowledge with them is a memory I will always carry with me."

Aracely demonstrated remarkable perseverance in her academic career. Since childhood, she had cherished the dream of studying veterinary medicine, and when she finished high school, those desires crystallized. Although she faced difficult moments when she could not pass the admission exams twice, the unwavering support and encouragement provided by EI were fundamental to her success and finally being admitted to a university where she could pursue her dream. 

 "It was the happiest moment in my life; finally, my dreams will come true."

 With unwavering determinationion and the constant support of EI, Aracely overcame obstacles and reached her long-awaitedd academic goal.

Aracely has faced significant family challenges throughout her life. In her youth, her father sadly lost his job, and later, her mother was affected by diabetes and depression to the point that one of her feet had to be amputated.  "It was the most painful moment I have faced as a person and as a daughter; seeing my mom in that state broke my heart," shares Aracely. The family had to make difficult decisions, such as to stop selling fish at the market and start selling it from home, a necessary measure to maintain economic income and cover household expenses; while her mother took care of the orders, Aracely distributed the fish to the different customers. 

Although she remembers those moments with sadness, Aracely also feels gratitude for the follow-up and continuous support received in the EI: "Being my mother in that state as a daughter, I considered the idea of leaving my university studies to work and buy the medicines for my mother, but the foundation was always supporting us in my mother's illness, from the beginning they supported us with consultations with specialists in diabetes, medications, follow up, they always visited us to know how we were doing, they gave us words of encouragement, especially to my mother who was always very depressed because of her illness, the foundation never abandoned us, I believe that if we had not counted on their support, I would not be about to finish my career.

Aracely is now in her final year of university and actively volunteers in our organization, making house-to-house visits. "The foundation has helped me get along with others; I have learned to work in a team, maintain a positive attitude, and be punctual and disciplined. Truly, they have transformed me into an exceptional person. Without the foundation's support, I would be working as a maid in a private home. I sincerely thank the foundation for making my dreams come true," Aracely shares with gratitude.

Aracely's journey with EI has been successful, participating in all of our programs and reaching the final year of her university education. We are very proud of her accomplishments and her positive contribution. Her appreciation and continued support are a testament to the significant impact the organization has had on her life.

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