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Prevention and care with psychological attention

José Ángel Ñamendy has over 12 years of experience providing comprehensive care for children, adolescents, young adults, and adults. Currently, he serves more than 20 families in EI, offering psychological consultations tailored to various needs.

Consultations are scheduled twice a month for families in the semi-rural area of Granada and once a month for families in the community of Santa Ana. Attention is focused on emotional aspects, such as mood swings, difficulties in managing emotions, fears, and low self-esteem, which the child's environment can influence.

Furthermore, behavioral aspects are addressed, including behavioral problems, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and disobedience, which may be related to negative parenting styles. Social aspects are also considered, such as rejection by family members, bullying, and difficulties relating to others, including frequent fights at school and a lack of respect for others.

The importance of psychological care is undeniable, as it promotes mental well-being, helps families overcome difficulties, improves interpersonal relationships, and enhances quality of life.

In my experience, I have witnessed how this care can transform lives. I have had the privilege of accompanying numerous children and young people in their personal growth and development process. Among the outstanding cases, I especially remember an 8-year-old diagnosed with a learning disorder. She presented significant difficulties in reading, writing, attention, comprehension, working memory, and disinterest in school. Over time, she has made satisfactory progress. One of the most gratifying moments was when she expressed her joy at noticing improvements in her reading and her pleasure in attending school.” shares  Jose Angel.

One of the main challenges of this program lies in the persistent social stigma that some families still experience when seeking psychological help. For this reason, it is crucial to expand access to consultations and ensure that the program continues to offer this service free of charge, as we are aware of its positive impact on mental health and family dynamics. In this program, all psychological consultations are completely free of charge for children, youth, and parents in need.


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