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Ingrained Traditions

The arrival of Easter is eagerly awaited by our students, as it marks the beginning of a well-deserved vacation: a week to enjoy without the rush of getting up early to go to school, where they can play and share special moments with their families.

In Nicaragua, a country of rich tradition and festive spirit, Holy Week is celebrated with impressive processions and the beginning of the summer vacations, inviting everyone to enjoy and relax. This festivity commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus in the Christian culture, forming an integral part of the Nicaraguan identity.

While Semana Santa (Holy Week) arouses remarkable religious fervor in Nicaragua, for many it is also an opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved rest. For this reason, Semana Santa is also known as 'Semana Zángana' by many in Nicaragua. From children to the elderly, everyone enjoys days of leisure, visiting beaches such as Poneloya, La Boquita and Pochomil, or diving into the refreshing waters of Lake Cocibolca. This exhaust is especially appreciated due to the high temperatures that characterize these dates, even reaching 40 degrees Celsius. These places are filled with visitors from all over the country, creating a festive and cozy atmosphere where families share food and prepare typical meals to share, reflecting the characteristic hospitality of Nicaragua.

During Holy Week, the table is filled with delicious culinary traditions such as tropical fruit syrup, homemade soups and exquisite fish preparations. In addition, tamales with cheese and "iguana en pinol" are very popular dishes during this season.

Last year, more than 3 million people visited tourist destinations during Holy Week, consolidating this tradition as an essential part of Nicaraguan culture.


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