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From Preschool to Medical School


Our work day has been pleasantly interrupted by very special news which has caused us to pause and celebrate!

Jose Armando, who started preschool in the Empowerment International I program was the first to graduate from secondary in his family of 10 siblings and he graduated #1 in his class. But that is old news! Today we are celebrating because Jose Armando just passed the most difficult university exam in the country and passed with very high marks which qualify him to student to become a medical doctor. His dream now is to also become a surgeon. Once again our mission is being fulfilled by breaking the cycle of poverty through education. BRAVO Jose Armando, we are SO proud of your achievement! We are proud of your every effort including long nights studying by candle light. We are proud of your determination to fulfill your dreams. You are a true inspiration to all our students, community, team and donors!

They say it takes a village to raise a child and so many lives have been a part of this now young 20 year olds success story.Thank you to so many of you for believing in our work and in our kids! You are all making this world a better place, one child at a time.

Full story about Jose Armando to come.

Below photos of him from age of 4 until


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