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Taking New Skills to the Next Level

As more and more students graduate from high school each year, many have chosen a path post-graduation of attending a trade school where they learn various skills. While most of our former students are now employed in their profession, we are learning that some aspire to run their businesses. For this reason, our team has partnered with the Kathy Bracamonte Foundation, which will help more students take their skills to the next level. Naydeling and Georgina, both 17 years old, are our first students to participate in a 6-month business and entrepreneurial training program.

In parallel to participating in this program, Naydeling is studying to be a Podologist, which is a very important career choice since there are an extremely high number of people in the area with diabetes. Georgina is enrolled in a local Cosmetology School where she is learning hair styling and cutting, skin skin care, makeup application, and manicuring.

While their career choices are very different, their aspirations coincide because both wish to open their own business. In the business program, they are learning business finance, budgeting, how to create a business plan, entrepreneurial skills, and how to develop a sustainable business that is based on the needs and demands of the community.

Georgina expresses how her life has been impacted by this training and her time with EI, “I am very grateful to EI because during the 8 years I have been a program participant, I have discovered what I like to do and receive constant support to make this happen. This is a great opportunity to empower me with tools for economic independence and skills I can use my entire life."

Naydeling adds,

“This is a great opportunity for me to learn about finance and learn how to manage a business. I am looking forward to starting my own business someday soon.”

We are excited to offer this type of opportunity that will empower these young ladies and can’t wait to see what their future holds!


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