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Students mentor students

Each generation helping the next forward

October was another busy month full of hope for the future, and hard work each day. Our centers served 180 primary/kinder students, 116 secondary students, 24 post-secondary students, with another 3 post-secondary preparing to take entrance examinations to university soon. Over 98% of our students have persevered, remaining in school. Against so many challenges, and across all age groups, their determination, this success rate, where school dropout rates are sadly, traditionally very high, is remarkable. The struggle against failure, driven by factors of economic insecurity is intense. Family incomes driven down, by the political uncertainty of the 2018 crisis continue to lead some families to withdraw children from school and chose migration for uncertain opportunities elsewhere. Another recent occurrence troubling us, as a result of the worsening economy has been the marriage of girls as young as 15 to older men of the community in their 30s who are taking advantage of this situation. Despite all of these obstacles our model of Empowerment International alumni leading the way, tutoring those that follow is inspirational, to the younger students. Seeing their success, and how they give support is empowering. Our inspiring administrative team is also a very motivating factor in keeping the children on the path to success. They are the strength, and the smiles of reassurance to the children.

And behind it all, the support of our donors and sponsors, foremost in all of our appreciation.


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