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Storytelling Workshop for Tutors

Each third Wednesday of the month, kids in the rural community of Santa Ana wait anxiously for the Bibliobus (Book Mobile) to not only borrow books but also participate in creative and fun activities that promote reading. The German organization Biblioteca Alemana-Nicaragüense has worked hand-in-hand with the educators of EI for 5 years now.

Not only do they make reading more fun for the kids, but they have also been offering our young student tutors a toolkit to help them work with the kids in their community. In a workshop last month they showed them techniques that can cultivate the desire to read, how to use creativity in writing and storytelling, and offered tools to activate the children's imagination. Young German volunteers participated in the workshop, emphasizing to the tutors how to express themselves and how any element around them could be used to create a story.

Part of the storytelling workshop exercise was the creation of a narrative from a random element in the classroom; the story was shaped as each participant contributed.

This was an exciting experience for everyone, and we know the young tutors will use their new skills well and keep the kids engaged!


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