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Special End-Year Request

Technology is critical now in so many aspects not just in the more developed nations, it’s also key to countries such as Nicaragua where it is not integrated in just about every aspect of the labor field. During the shutdowns due to the pandemic we witnessed how disadvantaged our students were compared to many of their peers who had access to technology and the knowledge how to use it. In 2022 we piloted a coding for kids program and we were so impressed with how quickly the kids advanced! We also piloted using computers as teaching aids for the students and again, we were impressed with the outcome! For example, Aracely, a 4th grader from rural Santa Ana, who has had a lot of difficulties with reading, was able to advance greatly with both reading and writing. Arecely said, “I am very happy to be able to use the computer,and now I can read! I am also learning coding and it’s so much fun."

6th grader Nohemi always aspired to learn English and is using the computer to complement her English classes in Empowerment, and an interesting side note, her grades in school are improving as well. She says, “I really like learning English with teacher Maritza, she is patient with us and her classes are fun and dynamic, she teaches us very well. With exercises on the computer, I am learning even faster. My new aspiration is to be able to write to my sponsor in English.”

With your support, we can convert this pilot program into a reality for 310 students in 2023, but we must reach our goal of $40,000 by December 31st. Thanks to a matching grant from SG Foundation and the generous support of donors, we are 78% there!

By giving our students access to technology, your gift will help reduce poverty and break the cycle of generational poverty in our communities.

Visit this secure portal to access our donation form to make your contribution today:

Thank you so much for your generosity! Our team and kids are incredibly grateful!


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