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Riding for Success

The EI Biking Club is a program that develops students' physical and mental health. This program allows students to get to know themselves and be more sociable with others who practice the same sport. One of its main objectives is that students learn fundamental values for their future, such as responsibility, friendship, punctuality, teamwork, discipline, and camaraderie.

Ian Daniel club president (red jersey), and the team hold a briefing before hitting the road.

During several years of sponsoring this program, we have seen how biking has contributed positively to the development of our students, improving their skills and aptitudes for their love of sport in general and biking in particular.; Many of them have graduated and gone on to professional careers, with biking as part of their full development.

The team has the basic knowledge to take care of the bicycles and prepare them one day before using them.

Francisco, who is in 10th grade, shares with us his experience of the club: "It's fabulous to be part of the club. We train during the week and do long tours on Sundays. Thanks to the club, I have improved my physical health, and my mother supports me with this since I haven't gotten sick for months and feel in incredible spirits.”

This 2023 we are offering cycling tours within and outside the city of Granada. If you are visiting Nicaragua and want to venture with us on a route to Mombacho or do a short tour of Santa Ana, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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