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Photographer, donor, and teacher

I've been a donor with Empowerment International for almost 8 years now. My husband and I sponsor two fantastic kids and I'm grateful to also have met them both in person, not once but twice. I also met the mother of one and got to see their home and chat with her.

As a photography teacher, I've also had the chance to go on photo walks with the photography students (one of them was Guadalupe, our sponsored child). They are enthusiastic, have some great natural talent, and love to learn. I communicated as best as I could with my limited Spanish and we had a great time learning from each other! As well the new gallery is amazing and is a great way to showcase the kids' photography.

I have seen firsthand the difference EI is making in these kids' lives. They are uplifted, supported, and are given hope. They aspire to bigger things than they or their parents thought possible, and are achieving them. This is something that many of the other kids in the barrio (neighborhood) don't get and I'd love to see every single kid in the area with a sponsor. This is how to make a difference not only in these kids' lives but their families as well. This is how to really make a change to poverty. I leave each time I'm with them a little more humble, a little more grateful, and a little inspired.”

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