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"Love and Service to Society".

Educators are leaders who can transform the education system in developing countries, which can break the poverty cycle. EI is making a big difference in its communities to empower via specialized and supplementary education with our teachers who share the same vision and passion while applying personalized methodologies and strategies in tutoring.

Being a teacher in Nicaragua is a challenge that not many are willing to take. Working in the education system is not prosperous, and those who choose this path are committed to changing lives via education. For Professor Jaime, this didn't stop him from becoming an educator.

Jaime enjoys organizing his classroom and fine-tuning every detail. At only 26 years of age, he exudes passion and commitment to this work and kids. In addition to his teaching role, he organizes the daily school snack (often the only full meal children receive each day). His love of community service motivates him to educate children who are capable of facing the challenges of the 21st century. His students enjoy attending his classes and find he is always willing to help them. One of Jaime’s many talents is crafts; he always creates festive designs to decorate the classroom and center from scratch.

“I like that he is patient with us and encourages us to be better students.” Erick - beneficiary student.

While teaching in a public school, he realized a variety of factors that can derail the development of a child’s education:

  • Socioeconomic issues. Most schoolchildren face many financial issues that can impact their studies

  • Psychological issues. The lack of encouragement that some students experience from their families means that students do not feel supported and often they become discouraged.

  • Pedagogical challenges. Crowded classrooms do not allow the teachers the capacity to give students the attention and personalized learning needed to be impactful.

So he dedicates time when someone approaches him for help, always giving them words of encouragement to keep going so they can break out of the poverty cycle. One such example is Reyna, Reyna was a student that had no interest in her studies or future, yet Jaime believed in her. During his after-school reinforcement classes, he realized that Reyna needed special attention. With positive and encouraging words as well as dedication to her, Reyna transformed over the year into an excellent student who now enjoys school and gets good grades.

“Being in front of a class full of students who have all been identified as needed extra support can be a huge challenge, but is also fulfilling because I am giving them tools to become leaders one day.”


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