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Inside the Classroom: Introducing Ismael

Ismael Raudez is one of two teachers in the multi-grade (grades 1-10), 2-room school in this small town. Ismael teaches grades 1-3. Ismael holds a degree in Language and Literature, which explains his enthusiasm and desire to strengthen children’s reading abilities. Ismael’s philosophy is simple: The foundation of communicating clearly (spoken and written) and thinking capably, starts by learning to read well.

Santa Ana is a morning-only school, which is not uncommon in Nicaraguan rural areas. In the afternoons, Ismael has been informally volunteering with EI. In 2016, he became a part-time staff member, working with children both in Santa Ana and Granada. He recently began implementing his reading-first strategy with EI students at our tutoring center in Granada, and Ismael says he’s thrilled to witness a new group of kids fall in love with reading.

This enthusiastic teacher is making a real difference in students’ lives. Born in Santa Ana, Ismael grew up in the same community he now serves. He has extensive experience working for the Ministry of Education, plus several years of informal experience with EI before joining our staff part-time in 2016.

“I am grateful that EI exists because it’s fulfilling the dreams of so many children, youth, and adolescents,” shared Ismael.
“A thousand thanks to those who make it possible for each of our programs to continue.”

Interested in learning more about Ismael’s hard work? Watch this video featuring our star teacher describing the tutoring program EI runs to for our three communities.


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