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Good Health for a Good Education

As part of our Health program, beneficiaries have the support of EI through specialized medical consultations. This support is aimed at both children and parents of our families. Every month, during scheduled home visits, the team identifies special cases where follow-up is given, and we accompany these families on further medical consultations. In chronic disease cases, greater monitoring is offered through frequent calls and family visits.

EI is committed to the mental and physical health of the children in our program, assuming most of the medical care for each general consultation. In cases where the family cannot afford further or special care that is needed, we support part of the medical costs.

EI currently has agreements with clinics and laboratories that offer more affordable costs for our families. We even have an agreement with the IXCHEN women's center to care for our mothers and youth enrolled in our program. Every four months, we organize health fairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, which provides medical care in our center focused on specialties such as ultrasound, nutrition, gynecology, dentistry, pediatrics, and general medicine.

This type of medical treatment is very important for Nicaraguan families, such as in the case of Marlene, who suffers from diabetes and needs medication and special care that she cannot afford. Her daughter Aracely, who belongs to the EI program and is a veterinary university student, shares this with us- "I am very grateful to the foundation for the follow-up and support it has given my mother, especially our health worker who is watching over my mother's health. Every time my mother has gotten worse, EI has been there to support us."

Marlene's case is one of many showing how students and parents need this kind of support. Over the years, we have observed that the health status of families affects not only academic performance but also children's mental state in school. It is thanks to the support of those who contribute to EI’s work with their donations that we can provide this type of care to the EI families.

Olga(home visit) at Marlene's house to follow up on Aracely and her mother's health. In the photo is Aracelly


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