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Geylin´s Hope

Every student that enrolls in Empowerment International’s program is equipped with the necessary tools to change their future and achieve their educational goals. We are proud to see our students succeed and become productive members of their community. We are even more proud when they give back to their community and mentor younger students in our programs.

Geylin, now a University student, has benefited from EI’s programs for many years, and while studying to pursue a pharmaceutical career, she also has been volunteering as a tutor for the younger students in her community (rural Santa Ana). She has attended workshops on how to plan classes, learned to improve her communication skills, taught the students patience, and over time found joy being with the students and seeing them progress in their studies.

“Empowerment International gave me the hope I needed as a young girl. Since then, I have been grateful and have always been available to the organization by serving the community, especially the children. My desire to excel and the support of EI, allowed me to be the first woman to go to college in my community. This has helped motivate the rest of my classmates to continue their studies.” - Geylin

Only months away from finishing, she is now participating in a business planning program so that she can start the very first pharmacy in her small rural community. We could not be prouder of the inspiration and hope Geylin has given her community, and we cannot wait to see her dream come true!.

"Being a part of EI has supported me a lot in my personal development. I have joined the photography club, attended English classes and even yoga classes to learn how to deal with the stress of college." - Geylin


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