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Forging a bright future.

Ian Daniel began his path with EI when he was 13 and in seventh grade. His relationship with our organization commenced when a staff member visited his home and suggested he enroll as a student. With excitement and gratitude, Ian began learning at EI, marking the beginning of a special relationship that endures to this day.

His mother, Doña Margarita, still fondly remembers the times when her son actively participated in the tutorials and various activities organized by EI. Doña Margarita is a woman who stays at home, as her delicate health, affected by high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic asthma, prevents her from going out. Her chronic illnesses have deprived her of the opportunity to enter the workforce, and constant relapses represent one of the biggest challenges facing the family. 

Ian's family is deeply grateful to EI as we have supported them in many ways; for example, in addition to supporting Ian with expenses for his law degree, we have also provided support to the family by purchasing the medications necessary for Margarita's well-being. 

Ian's dreams of entering the university became a reality in 2019 when he was accepted as a student at UNAN-Managua to study law. His happiness was palpable, as he knew this was a path toward a successful future full of opportunities and possibilities. Ian is now the first member of his extended family to achieve this incredibly significant milestone.

Ian is an inspiring example of perseverance and leadership. In 2019, he joined the EI cycling club and became the club’s president. His love and discipline towards cycling are evident. At the same time, Ian dedicated his time as a math tutor, teaching with love and dedication to all the EI children in need. He describes his experience as a tutor as an opportunity to give back to children, showing them that learning and studying can go hand in hand with joy and happiness.

Additionally, Ian currently holds the role of Assistant Coach in the soccer program, where he performs various vital functions. Among these, he is responsible for leading warm-up calisthenics practices, taking attendance, managing the data of all participating children and youth, and backing up the soccer coach during practices and competitions. In addition, in times of indiscipline, Ian is responsible for maintaining order in the team.

Ian's active participation in the EI programs has enormously benefited his personal and professional development. Ian shares that his time in EI has been instrumental to his growth in different aspects of his life.

"Being in EI over the years has been an incredible experience. It has helped me grow as a person, a student, a son, and a future professional. By taking on various responsibilities as a volunteer, I have learned the value of responsibility and discipline. It has also taught me to appreciate and value every aspect of my life. Today, I realize that EI has been crucial in my growth process. Everything I have learned and am, I owe to them".

Ian is in his fifth and final year of college. Despite his family's difficult economic circumstances, Ian remains incredibly cheerful and grateful, recognizing EI as a fundamental guide that has helped him stay active and courageous as a student.

"I am deeply grateful to EI for allowing me to study at the university. This experience prepares me to become a professional and access better job opportunities. With God's help, I know I will achieve my goals," Ian shares enthusiastically.

Ian is one of many examples of perseverance and determination that inspire us to continue our work.  His goal is to obtain a good job and continue specializing in law. We are extremely proud of Ian's accomplishments and dedication to overcoming the challenges he has faced.

Ian's story is an inspiring testament to how opportunities, determination, leadership, and a love of learning can open doors to a bright future full of possibilities. His commitment to service and his spirit of leadership are an example to us all.


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