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Culture in Colors!

 In collaboration with Casa de los Tres Mundos, we are pleased to offer the LoCreo or "Lo Creo" (I Believe) program. This program focuses on offering workshops and artistic and creative activities to students, covering disciplines such as visual arts, music, theater, and poetry. Its foundation lies in the active participation of the communities, using art as a tool to contribute to social development.

There are currently 26 EI students who participate in this program. These children have the opportunity to show off their progress twice a year, with closing events scheduled in July and December.

The key objective of each presentation is to demonstrate how each child has been developing their creative abilities in their respective artistic area. These presentations are vital for each participant's development and serve as a means to strengthen their self-esteem, social and emotional skills, and teamwork.

Through the development of creative workshops, we promote a wide range of values, both directly and indirectly, using art as a tool. These values include solidarity, respect, teamwork, peaceful interactions, and selflessness. Promoting a culture of peace, intercultural understanding, communication of the rights and duties of children and adult society, and an understanding of the need to protect the environment.

The mission of LoCreo is to promote artistic creativity, foster community participation, and strengthen the cultural identity of children and adolescents in neighborhood communities. In addition, to assist participants in discovering and developing their motor skills, personal strengths and interests, as well as cognitive abilities.

This program also contributes to the participants' academic performance, as it teaches them order and discipline and improves their performance in areas such as reading, mathematics, and writing. Art is an effective vehicle for acquiring skills in other areas and can help develop creative problem-solving. Therefore, its benefits include turning participants into artists and contributing to their integral development. 

The program offers the following benefits:

  • Raises awareness of societal values.

  • Enhances the cognitive abilities of participants.

  • Foster's societal acceptance.

  • Facilitates intercultural dialogue.

  • Enriches cultural heritage."


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