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Another school year, 2019 closes…

The Empowerment International end of the academic year gathering, welcomes students and their familes to join with all of the expanded team of players that make up Empowerment International. It’s also a time to be thankful, and recognise student achievement, and parental support, and all of those sponsors, donors and the team that motivate our students to success. This year the Empowerment International gathering had to be located to a larger facility to accommodate all of the participants. There just isn’t room any longer within the organization building...

Proud parents, families of the communities gathered with their children to celebrate the end of the school year, and the coming of the festive season. Gifts were awarded to children for academic excellence.

All of the children in attendance received a holiday gift. Mothers who’ve been particularly involved with assisting Empowerment International were also recognised with special presentations. Entertainment included student dance presentations, and a very popular “bouncy castle”.


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