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An Extraordinary Grandmother

Doña Teresa, a 69-year-old woman, learned about our organization through a neighbor in her community. This neighbor informed her about an institution that provided educational support to children from vulnerable families. Without hesitation, Doña Teresa approached our facilities and thus began a moving story.

Doña Teresa's story is truly admirable. Despite her age, she has taken on the responsibilities of both mother and father to her two grandchildren. Since they were toddlers, she has nurtured them with unwavering love and selfless sacrifice, providing all the care and attention they require as if they were her own children. It's worth noting that neither parent has contributed financially to their upbringing, yet Doña Teresa has remained their steadfast support, offering them unconditional love and unwavering care throughout the years.

Her granddaughter Britany joined our preschool program at age 5. Although somewhat shy, she stands out for her kindness and caring nature towards others. Her participation in EI programs has been constant and active throughout the years. Currently, Britany is involved in the tutoring program, the cycling club, and the youth group and is in tenth grade.  Her greatest dream is to go to college, a dream we are sure she will achieve with her determination and dedication.

Grandson Justo Antonio joined EI when he was 6 years old, just as he entered first grade. Although initially a shy and reserved child, his recent participation in the cycling club, like his sister Britany, has helped him overcome his shyness. Now, Justo is smiling and communicative. He has developed a deep appreciation for his grandmother, whom he considers his mother. Justo is now an active participant in the tutoring program and the youth group and is enthusiastically involved in cycling. He is currently in seventh grade and is determined to continue his studies.

With the unwavering love of a mother, Doña Teresa continues her amazing struggle to raise her two grandchildren on her own. Her dream is to see them succeed in life, become professionals, and achieve all that she could not.

She expresses her deepest gratitude to EI for the immense support provided throughout the years. She acknowledges that it would not have been possible to provide them with everything they needed to stay active in school without the invaluable support of EI.

"EI has been my pillar and guide," says Doña Teresa with gratitude. "They have supported me in very difficult times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when it was extremely difficult for me to get food. The 'escuelita' (as the families call it) helped us immensely by providing a packet of food. This help was priceless; it sustained me during that difficult period and continues to do so, as raising two teenagers at my age is not easy. The visits they make to me and the constant follow-up with my grandchildren are invaluable, constantly advising and encouraging them to stay focused on their studies."

Doña Teresa's gratitude and resilience are admirable and exemplify the fundamental purpose of our mission. Each day we continue to have more success stories.

Join our EI family and be a part of inspiring stories like this one. Become a sponsor and help make dreams come true for children and families who just need an opportunity!


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