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a child centred success in family

Each child that attends the Empowerment International Education and Activity Center has a much larger world affecting them daily. This is the reason behind our Home Visits, which is an integral part of our program, and a large part of our success.

Auxiliadora Robleto, EI’s Home Visit and Health Coordinator, leads the team that connects community, family, and child back to the EI Education and Activity Center.

I believe that visits to families allow us to know the living conditions of the families, the difficulties they are facing. Together we find solutions and answers, as much as possible, without taking away the power that each family has to find its own solutions.

The main objective of the visits is to make families aware of the importance and the right of children and young people to attend school and to break the cycle of extreme poverty. In the visits they are motivated to do their homework, attend tutorials at the activity center to strengthen their school skills.”

It’s this approach to supporting and understanding the families that has helped to earn Empowerment International a 98% retention rate in school of the EI Education and Activity Center’s attendees. #education #school #socialgood #ahandup #bethedifference #endpoverty #foreverychild #EducationForAll #Nicaragua


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