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The year starts with Good Vibes!

At the beginning of each new year, anticipation takes over as children eagerly await the return to school. Streets are filled with blue and white-uniformed students as they walk excitedly to their first day of school in their new grade. We all look forward to this day because we see how much our students love attending school and are happy we can support them with this opportunity.

January 29th marked the start of the new 2024 school year in Nicaragua. Positive energy is a palpable mix of enthusiasm and hope. This annual ritual marks the return to the classroom, reunion with friends, building new bonds, and the promise of learning new things.

As in previous years, we will maintain strong support for our 245 students through our various educational programs, ensuring that each participant reaches the academic level they aspire to achieve. We are determined to break the cycle of poverty before it is transferred to the next generation by providing the educational opportunities and resources necessary to overcome barriers.

In 2023, we achieved an outstanding 97% pass rate in primary education and an impressive 92% retention rate in secondary education. These achievements highlight our unwavering commitment to educational excellence and reflect the positive impact of our initiatives. The school retention rate reached 99%, setting a new record. This accomplishment is a testament to the team's combined efforts, students, parents, program partners, donors, and the entire educational community.

Jhasmin, nine years old, shares how happy she is to be back in school. 'I am so glad because I will see my teachers and friends. At home, I get bored, but I feel happy at school because I learn and play with my classmates.’ We are grateful to all who make this experience possible for our students. Let's go together on this educational journey in 2024 full of learning, hope, and smiles!


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