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Harvest Of Perseverance

Jose Luis grew up in a neighborhood with no opportunities and a lot of poverty, but none of that stopped him from fighting for his dreams. At an early age, he witnessed the separation of his parents and saw how his mother needed to take care of the house alone, working long hours as a maid while Jose Luis took care of his younger siblings and did the housework. Ten years ago, he received a visit from an EI donor and the program’s director to his house, offering him and his mother a chance to be part of the EI mentoring program.

Jose Luis remembers what the EI visit was like, ten years ago "The first time I saw the EI team in my house, it was something exciting for me. People I had never seen in my life visited my house to offer help to my siblings and me.”

The support that EI has given Jose Luis has had a huge impact. While he was in elementary school, he actively participated in our tutoring program. In secondary school, he helped students younger than himself to do their homework at the center. He studied and did his homework, and he also helped his family financially by selling bread in the neighborhood. From his first years with EI, he tells us that his life was changed by being able to support kids with tutoring. He saw the need that other children like him had. Not long ago, he was one of those children who wanted to learn. This inspired him to be more empathetic with the community and has led to him being one of our best tutors.

“I have been with EI for so long that I feel like they are my family, and I know I can count on them. At the university I now attend, I needed a lot of resources, such as computers and cameras. I could always count on them to help me with these things.”

Jose Luis's path, along with EI, has been successful, and he has participated in all of our programs. As a result, he is in his fifth year of a journalism program. Currently working at a local television channel in Granada as a presenter, editor, and reporter.

“I have managed to put into practice my university knowledge. I have also managed to fulfill my dreams since I have always had plans to work in media before graduating from college. I have achieved this goal, and I’m proud of myself. Regarding the support I received, I have no words to describe my gratitude to EI. It was a bridge across barriers. EI has changed my perspective on life. I believe that if you want to get ahead, there will be no obstacles or barriers; It depends on the disposition of each person. The motivational training I received in the center led me to reflect on my future life.”


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