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Exciting News in Santa Ana!

In collaboration with the Global Impact Homes Foundation, we enthusiastically initiated a project to revitalize the rural community center in January 2024. The primary purpose was to improve the conditions of this space. As a starting point, we undertook a comprehensive roof renovation, installing a new, high-quality roof; this included the replacement of completely deteriorated roofing boards. Additionally, we thoroughly cleaned the center and its surroundings and painted both the interior and exterior.

One of the most urgent needs for the center was the lack of adequate sanitary facilities. A latrine was installed close to the center. Previously, children had to walk to the school to access a toilet. This reality changed, thanks to the valuable support of the Global Impact Homes Foundation.

The highlight of this project was the active participation of the community, parents, and students, who collaborated with the global team in remodeling efforts. This collective endeavor reflected the commitment and solidarity of all those involved.

 The inauguration of the renovated community center was a joyous occasion for everyone in the Santa Ana community. Immense gratitude was expressed for their newly safe and revitalized space. At the ‘new’ center we offer after-school tutoring and computer classes for the community's children, which has become a secure learning environment.

This project not only physically transformed the community center but also created a positive and lasting impact on the community.

Juana Paula shares, 'This project has been an excellent opportunity for everyone. With these changes, the children and youth who attend the center to receive classes are in a safer and more welcoming place, and it has also made a big difference in offering sanitary facilities. The children now have access to hygienic facilities, eliminating the need to walk long distances to meet their basic needs.

Aleyda Rodriguez is also a mother who lives in the community and expresses her appreciation for the project initiative. This improvement has impacted me a lot. I studied in this community center in elementary school (before the school was built), and now my children also learn here. I am happy because they are enjoying a safer and more comfortable place. It was dangerous, especially during times of rain, and there were moments when the water reached dangerously high levels.


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