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Community Gardening with Convoy of Hope

Santa Ana relies heavily on agriculture. While some residents grow their own crops, others are involved in the peanut industry. And over the last 3 years, EI has been working closely with the community to introduce a new concept known as bio-intensive agriculture.

In partnership with Convoy of Hope, we are joining forces with 10 local women to develop a series of bio-intensive home gardens. Our strategic partner will provide materials and technical assistance for the gardens we plan to create. The project will teach women to cultivate diverse crops while prioritizing sustainability, preserving soil fertility, and bolstering food security. The benefits of the initiative include hands-on learning, environmental stewardship through connection with nature, and healthier lifestyles. The participants, mostly women, will receive resources, training, and tools for selling their excess food, providing them with a bit more income.

Women can feed their families nutritious, healthy meals while supplementing the family budget.

Meanwhile, EI’s students, tutors, and teachers are already using these lessons in our school garden— growing a diverse crop of vegetables to help ensure a balanced diet for our children while teaching important lessons about healthy living. Additionally, EI is facilitating workshops on sustainable gardening techniques and food processing methods.

Our rural development coordinator, Maynor Quiróz, will be learning alongside the community and also provide regular follow-ups and checkups to ensure the gardens’ success.


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