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Finally, a New School Year!

Shiny new black shoes, neat white shirts, and a new backpack are signs in our world of the new school year. Experiencing the joy of the first day of school is very special any year, yet this year it was extra special. Many of the students have not seen the classroom or their friends in almost a year! The joy and enthusiasm (and the noise!) were indescribable.

And for us, how we missed the kids! We have really missed the daily face-to-face home visits where so much of our work takes place. While our team was very creative in finding ways to support the kids and parents safely, there is much to be done now to make up for the lost time.

We thank you for supporting these kids during the past year while facing your own challenges. So it's a new year of school, a new year of challenges, and a new year to see our friends again, (although with facemasks on). We are looking forward to also seeing you! Hopefully, soon!

Education is the surest path out of poverty.


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