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2021 Child Sponsorship Challenge!

One of the wonderful ways Empowerment International has shaped itself is by its multi-layered community of children, parents, volunteers, and donors.

The local community:

We have built our program around two special communities. The team knows each of the students, and not just by name, but by their story, their parents, their siblings, and more.


On the funding side, EI began with a few friends, then a few more. As they began to know our program and children, they invited more friends and family. We are a small community making a big impact on each of the children. Together we have watched the children grow, and many of you have sponsored these children and accompanied them until graduation from primary school, then secondary and some even have helped them go to college

Currently, we have 217 of our 309 children sponsored. To create sustainability in a time of uncertainty, we have a goal of getting the 92 children left sponsored this year. We can do this if we have your help. Several of the children needing sponsors have bios posted on this site now.

Please consider sponsoring a child and inviting friends and family to be part of this amazing opportunity. For as little as $30 a month a child's life can literally be transformed!

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