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New Country Director

New Country Director Marcia

We are delighted to announce a new Country Director for Empowerment International Nicaragua, Marcia Miranda. Marcia joined the EI family in early 2020. Marcia comes to us with a massive amount of experience with well-known organizations, such as Nicaragua Red Cross, Heifer International, Bridges to Community, and Rotary International.

She has experience with youth, volunteers, entrepreneurship, and educational programs. Her passion for education as a vehicle to lasting change and her shared value of empowering people really distinguished her from other excellent candidates in her interviews. The team unanimously voted to hire her and we couldn’t be more pleased and excited.

While other NGOs had closed their doors when Covid-19 hit Nicaragua, Marcia led the team to find creative solutions to serve the community who needed support more than ever. The results have been evident, with new teaching and counseling methodologies that are adapted to safe distancing. The team feels inspired and empowered to be part of a very difficult and challenging situation. Marcia has also been expanding our network of local contacts and support, by sharing the work that EI has been developing over the past 15 years with other strong organizations. This has led to fruitful discussions on extending partnerships to better leverage all our resources.

Over the past six months, Marcia has demonstrated a firm but flexible leadership style which has been vital to mitigating the pandemic in our communities. She has proven she can adapt to change quickly, lead the team effectively, set goals, and generate results, all the while maintaining the spirit of active and united collaborators working for a common goal. She also has a trove of funny stories and anecdotes that helps the team release stress during difficult moments.

Her husband works in agriculture and they have a 10-year-old daughter Fernanda. When she talks about her family, her face lights up. If there is one thing we can be sure of, it is that the future for our children and families is uncertain. Today we have the pandemic, tomorrow is uncertain. However, we have an amazing leader and with the help of God, we will achieve the proposed goals and face the challenges as they arise.

by Lisseth Potoseme


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