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Gratitude in Times of Covid-19

Gratitude in Times of Covid-19

“I am a single mother of three small children. Before the pandemic, I used to have a formal job as a Food Promoter for a large company in Granada. Alejandra and her brother always attended the tutoring program at the Empowerment Center, where they received the daily snack and that was very helpful.

The pandemic has affected us a lot. I lost my job and since then, I have cried often because of my financial situation and uncertainty about how I would be able to support my three children.

Seeing my children cry from hunger when you don't have anything to give them is really sad. As a mother, I don’t want my children to ever be in that situation. I felt a lot of stress.

I never expected that Empowerment was going to give us this blessing of food due to COVID-19. I am very grateful and now I feel less stressed. Not only that but all the aid is a big help. With the study guides, Alejandra is progressing well even though she is not going to classes.

For me, it is sad to see other people in a situation similar to mine but without any support. Because I have the support of Empowerment, I am grateful to God for that.”


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