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Friends from California (a testimonial)

Friends from California

We are immensely proud to support Empowerment International, and the incredible work they do to lift up the young people in Nicaragua. Since we first encountered EI and their staff on our first visit to Nicaragua over five years ago, it has been our honor to support and work with the amazing people there, and assist them in their work helping the kids and families of their community.

We have walked the barrios, and sat in the humble homes of the resilient and ever-smiling people of Granada and Santa Ana. We have been lucky enough to spend time at the education center and watch the children dance and sing while taking part in the enriching cultural programs; to assist in designing and delivering art classes to enhance their education; to provide small-group and one-on-one English language tutoring, and to be a small part of this hugely impactful organization.

EI is truly incredible. Working with a very small budget, and with an entirely local staff, they have an immense impact on the lives of hundreds of young people. More importantly, and this is indeed part of their “secret sauce,” they work directly with the families – often single mothers – to ensure that the home environment is conducive to learning. The help they provide goes way beyond simply helping the kids, as important as that it. They are raising up the entire community.

This strange time of pandemic and quarantine allows us to reflect on the many blessings we have. Here in California we live on an acre and a half in the wine country and are surrounded by our gardens and trees. Though by no means rich, we are immensely privileged. For all that we have, we are truly thankful, but would like to especially thank everyone at Empowerment International for offering us the opportunity to be a part of this incredible organization.

We hope everyone reading this will join us in sustaining, growing and enlarging their support of Empowerment International. For a very small amount of money, you, like us, can invest in the future of this incredible place and its young people. Your generosity is literally changing lives.

Thanks EI!

Doron Amiran and Cheryl Wallace

Sebastopol, California, USA


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