When you sponsor a child with Empowerment International,  it's personal. Your sponsored child is not just a number, we have a relationship with them, and you will too. Three times a year you will hear from your child. You are always welcome to write to them too, they really enjoy it when you do! As a matter of fact, you are welcome to meet them if you are in Nicaragua.  By sponsoring a child, you are ascertaining that they have a spot in our program. Each year they receive school supplies, uniforms, shoes, tuition (for older kids if applicable), emotional and physical healthcare as needed, tutoring after school, home visits, access to all of our clubs such as reading, computers, dance, photography, soccer, art, and biking. These kids become a part of the EI family and feel they have a second home with us.  As long as the student maintains our program requirements, they will be a part of our program throughout their educational career. It's no longer unusual for students to start at a young age in our program and graduate from high school or even enter the university.

Ashly Auxliadora

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  • I live with my mother, stepfather, and my sister. My mother is the best person I have ever met, she is my hero. When I burned I suffered from pneumonia, high fevers, and convulsions. Terribles and sad moments and that are why I admire my mother, she is a strong woman and has fought to get me through.

    I like to go to the EI center because I have access to technology to do my homework, meet more students from the same class level, and socialize.

    I consider myself a person with friendly, respectful, responsible characteristics and I love to have my own space. I wish to become a doctor.

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