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Our Response to the Covid-19 Virus in Nicaragua

Updated: Mar 24

We would like to inform our supporters of the current situation for Empowerment International regarding the Covid 19 virus. There are currently no confirmed cases in Nicaragua, but the medical community believes there are most likely untested and undiscovered cases already in the country. There are confirmed cases

in bordering countries, most notably Costa Rica where tens of thousands of Nicaraguans work and travel back and forth to see their families.  We realize it is only a matter of time before this impacts us like the rest of the world. The crowded conditions in the neighborhoods we serve, as well as the medical capacity available to the poor in Nicaragua, will make any outbreak incredibly difficult to control and contain. For the last 6 weeks, our team has been working with the children on hand washing techniques and monitoring their health each day when they enter the education center. The staff frequently and rigorously sanitizes all surfaces as well. In close collaboration with other nonprofits and local doctors we are working on plans to:

1. Educate the parents and children of the realities of the virus and the best ways they can contribute to keeping their community and family safe. 2. How we can support the children with educational materials and food during social distancing 3. How we can support any sick families with basic medicine and educate them when it is time to obtain professional care, to avoid overloading the hospitals and spreading the virus further. 4. How we can keep our EI team safe, while at the same time engaged and employed. 5. How we can support our children and families if lives are lost.   As events develop, we will continue to keep you posted. Thank you for your support and we hope that all of our friends around the world are able to stay healthy during this difficult time.